Ever wondered what it is a monkey finds so fascinating about the forest canopy? Costa Rica is a pioneer in canopy exploration, where thick branches serve as platforms for the adventurous traveler, more than 100 feet above the jungle floor. If you’re wondering why you’d want to head to the top of a tree just to look around, remember that 90% of Costa Rica animals and 50% of plant species in rainforests live in the upper levels of the trees. When you explore that far off the ground, the view is something you’ll never forget! A Costa Rica zip line tour, hanging bridges hike, or aerial tram tour are all fantastic ways to take advantage of Costa Rica’s stunning forest canopy views.

Almost anyone of any age and physical condition can enjoy a Costa Rica zip line adventure as it is not strenuous. Secured into a harness and attached to a sturdy cable, you will have the opportunity to fly through the rainforest canopy and experience a bird’s eye view of the lively forest below. A Costa Rica zip line is about a five hour adventure that operates rain or shine all year and is led by bilingual guides. For the non-adrenaline junkie, the aerial tram can take you through the rainforest in comfort and safety. Prefer to linger? Hanging bridges offer panoramic views for acres, and an experienced guide will be happy to point out a variety of birds and animals.

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